Advanced Nutrients Sensi Coco Bloom A+B 1 Liter pH perfect

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pH Perfect Sensi Coco Bloom A & B - very high quality 2-component bloom fertilizer
Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Sensi Coco Bloom A & B is a very high quality 2-component bloom fertilizer from the pH Perfect series. Specially developed for growing on coconut substrates, this ensures a more vigorous fruit and flower formation.

It is a known fact that coconut fiber naturally attracts and binds calcium and magnesium. The special formula in the right composition of calcium, magnesium, iron in Sensi Coco Bloom A and B provides your plants with all the necessary nutrients for a bountiful harvest.

The application is very easy and is therefore also suitable for beginners who want to achieve very good growing results.

Thanks to Advanced Nutrients' unique pH Perfect technology, you no longer need pH meters, nor do you need to purchase pH Up and pH Down products. This is a huge advantage of ph Perfect technology, as the pH of your nutrient solution is adjusted by the ingredients and remains at a reliable and stable level - "sweet spot". In short - pH fluctuations are a thing of the past & additional pH products are no longer needed.

Details at a glance:

2-component complete fertilizer for the flowering phase from the pH Perfect series
contains a specific mixture of calcium, magnesium and additionally iron in chelated form
prevents nutrient deficiencies and ensures optimal supply
facilitates nutrient uptake
Automatically stabilizes pH and ensures your plant stays in its sweet spot
no pH measurements or corrections necessary
contains high quality chelating technology
increases the output and quality of your end product

from the 1st week of flowering: 4 ml each of A&B per liter of water.
Note: Dosage is based on an EC value of 0.0

For best results
Combine pH Perfect Sensi Coco Bloom A & B with the following Advanced Nutrients products to achieve the best possible results.