Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Liquid 1 liter

  • Beschrijving

Most growers use bloom boosters during the flowering phase. A top-quality booster should deliver heavier, denser and larger plants with high levels of essential oils, terpenoids, and strong aromas. Big Bud by Advanced Nutrients increases the overall quality and weight of your harvest. The booster is not a classic PK booster. It contains a wide range of high-performance natural ingredients to help your plants reach maximum blooming potential. The product accelerates flowering and fruiting by providing the right forms of amino acids, which are the building blocks of terpenoids, phenols, proteins, and alkaloids. Make your flowers larger and your fruits tastier with Big Bud by Advanced Nutrients.

General Information

-Big Bud is suitable for all growing mediums and systems including hydroponics, run-to-waste hydroponics, and soil;
-Big Bud is a top-quality additive;
-The additive is designed for use during the flowering/ fruiting phases;
-The formula contains natural and organic ingredients such as Phosphorus, Potassium, amino acids and vitamins.