Ecostyle Wasp Trap

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Effectively catch wasps with the reusable wasp trap

Wasps are not harmful, in fact they are very useful. They provide pollination and eat annoying flies and mosquitoes. Therefore, only control them if they are really perceived as annoying or if you know you are allergic to a sting. ECOstyle's WespenVal is a good solution. It is a reusable, special cap that you can click on any PET bottle. By adding a sweet liquid, such as lemonade, wasps are attracted and caught. Do add some dish soap or vinegar. With vinegar, bees are not attracted. The Wasp Trap can be either set down or hung up.


  • Natural reusable wasp trap, without poison
  • Easy to use, fits on any PET bottle
  • Catches wasps on terrace and garden
  • A wasp-free terrace with the WespenVal
  • Wasps can be very annoying when you are sitting on your terrace or balcony with a snack and a drink. With the ECOstyle Wasp Trap, you catch wasps in an effective and natural way. Without using poison.
    What you also need to know about the WespenVal
  • When filling the bottle, add a dash of vinegar or detergent. This will prevent bees from being lured in.


  • Fill a bottle halfway with a sweet liquid, such as lemonade or apple juice and add a dash of dishwashing liquid and vinegar
  • Press the cap firmly onto the bottle neck
  • Place or hang the filled fes with a string at a height of about 1.5 - 2 meters in a tree or near plants