My Weigh Touchscale 200 gr /0.1 g

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The TouchScale is the pinnacle of MyWeigh's combined knowledge and resources.  New patented technology, the most innovative mini scale ever created  The Touchscale is the most innovative scale ever created.  This is the world's first touch screen scale.  Every aspect of this scale has been thoughtfully done - from the auto opening hydro hinge* to the user friendly touch-screen software.The TouchScale 200.  The weight, the price, and the computed price are all shown on the TouchScale's TOUCH SCREEN!

Price computing TouchScale allows you to pre-set and store up to 4 different values in the memory and use them later to calculate prices.  Price computing works by first inputting the price per unit of the sample.  For example, you could input gold as $12.00 per gram.  Then place your sample on the tray and the TouchScale displays its weight and price!  With 4 memory locations you could store a wholesale price ($9.00 per gram), retail price ($12.00/gram), etc.