Woma Soil Clean 75 ml

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Soil Clean is a natural soil improver based on prebiotic rhizobacteria and fungi, which increase the vitality and resilience of soil life and keep the soil in top condition. This makes the plant stronger, making it less susceptible to diseases and pests.

Damage to the disease and symptoms of occurrence:

The adult flying sciarid fly is often seen as the threat, but it is the larvae that do the damage to the roots.

The flying fungus gnats like a very humid and warm environment. They feel good in heat and humidity. If the medium is too wet for too long, they reproduce very quickly, feeding on what the soil offers them. If it dries even short term or if there are too many larvae, they will start feeding on young roots and shoots full of water. The shoots affected in this way are very sensitive. Therefore, they are quickly attacked by various types of diseases. However, to prevent significant damage to the roots and to prevent the plant from dying in the long term, the fungus gnats must be removed. That is difficult, because after getting rid of the flies, their eggs and the most harmful larvae still remain in the soil. And that is where Soilclean is its strength. It tackles the problem at the roots!

Soilclean kills the eggs and larvae and, thanks to the right additions of bacteria and fungi, it provides extra root stimulation and improves soil life. Resulting in stronger plants that are more resistant to all common diseases and pests. The balance of biological life in the medium is restored, as well as Soilclean subsequently supporting and protecting it.

• Growth site improving properties through the production of enzymes and organic acids;

• Improvement of the absorption capacity of nutritional elements by the plant;

• Buffering nutritional elements to limit leaching;

• Protection of the root environment against harmful organisms and harmful against sciarfly eggs and larvae;

• Optimization of CO2 absorption from the air and sequestration in the soil;


Mix 7ml in 10 liters of water and distribute over 1 m2. Repeat after 5 days. Soilclean can be used as a soil improver and/or fungus gnat control agent. It can also be administered preventively. No precautions apply.