Garden Highpro Maxlight Reflector 150mm

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Reflector Garden Highpro Maxlight 150mm
Reflector refrigerated with system "cool tube" of 150mm.

The Garden Highpro Maxlight reflector has the standard cooling system "cool tube" that allows light to approach the crop for a better use of the available lumens. The heat generated is evacuated with the aid of an extractor coupled by means of an air pipe with a 150 mm section. The extraction of heat is increased thanks to a glass enclosure, which acts as a thermal insulator. This glass screen is fixed to the structure with small metal pieces that allow its easy removal in case of not needing a reduction of temperature (for example in winter or cold climates), in case of change of bulb, or for an effective cleaning .

The exterior of the reflector is enameled in white, which allows a better global diffusion of the light in the culture space. The inner part is made of high quality aluminum that ensures an excellent reflection of light.

4m "Plug play" cable

Dimensions 60x42x18 cm

E-40 cap suitable for 250W, 400W, 600W and 1000W bulbs