TBM CMH 315 watt Ballast Future Light

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Affordable cultivation with a CDM lamp? The Future Light Ballast by TBM is the first hybrid electromagnetic ballast that can run a 315 watt CDM lamp. CDM lamps have the highest PAR value per watt (+/- 2.5 mmol/s) compared to MH and HPS lamps this is 40% more.

The TBM Future Light CDM (LEC) ballast is much cheaper than an electronic CDM ballast and still offers comparable performance. CDM lamps give natural light and have a broad spectrum. They also last longer than MH and HPS lamps.

TBM is an Italian manufacturer that develops and produces all its products in its own factory in Italy. This garantees a high quality.


- first hybrid ballast for running CDM lamps;
- very affordable compared to electronic CDM ballasts;
- safe thanks to the built-in thermal protection;
- low own energy consumption of less than 30 watts (EEI class A2);
- Error / Status diagnosis by means of LED status lights.

LED status

- Blinking red
  Ballast is starting the lamp;
- Red
  Error during starting;
- Green
  Everthing allright;
- Yellow
  The lamp is at the end of its life.


- Manufacturer: TBM;
- MPN: FLCDM315;
- Voltage: 230V;
- Frequency: 50Hz;
- Amperage: <1.8A;
- Energy Efficiency Index: A2;
- Lamp current: 3.15 A;
- Lamp power: 315 Watt;
- Ballast temperature: 75 ° C;
- Maximum ballast temperature: Tw 130 ° C;
- Maximum ambient temperature: 40 ° C;
- Recommended lamp distance:
- Maximum lamp distance: 16 meters;
- Manufacturer's warranty: 2 years.