Vsa Ballast 400 watt Vossloh-Schwabe

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The German-made 400watt ballast from Vossloh-Schwabe is suitable for HPS (High Pressure Sodium) and MH (Metal Halide) bulbs. Vossloh-Schwabe has been the best ballast on the market. The ballast is made of the finest materials and winded with 100% copper. The Vossloh ballast is also equipped with a thermal protection with automatic reset.

The Vossloh-Schwabe magnetic ballast is so energy efficient that it meets the highest energy efficiency class for non-dimmable digital ballasts namely A2 these new classes are mandatory from 2017. Class A2 meens that the ballast has less than 36 watts of power dissipation.

The Vossloh-Schwabe ballast is impregnated with fire retardant polyester resin.


-   Type: Complete gear for high-pressure discharge lamps and suitable for 400watt HPS and MH lamps;
-   components:
      -  Transformer: NaH 400P.950 (with polyester resin impregnated);
      -  Clip-on unit (capacitor and starter): PZSE 40 C.
-   Voltage: ~ 230V / ~ 240V;
-   Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz;
-   Maximum current during start: 4.45a;
-   Nominal current: 1.8A;
-   Power output: 400watt;
-   Reflector distance: up to 20 meters;
-   DeltaT: 75 ° C;
-   Maximum ballast temperature: Tw 130 ° C;
-   Maximum ambient temperature: 40 ° C;
-   Dimensions: 215x105x95mm;
-   Weight: 5.3 kg.