Reverse Osmosis Growmax Power Grow 500 20 liter/uur

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POWER GROW 500 - Reverse Osmosis Filter
Garden Reverse Osmosis System. Up to 500 L/D of Pure Water

Up to 500 L/D - No waiting, produces up to 20 liters per hour!

*Eliminates 95%, of salts and heavy metals.
*Helps stabilize pH.
*Great for organic growers!
*Protects beneficial micro-organisms in your soil.
*Get 100% effectiveness from your nutrients and fertilizers.

Removes or Reduces: Salts, Heavy Metals, Chloramines, nitrates, nitritets, Chlorine. Sediment; dirt, rust, oxidation. Herbicides and Pesticides Volatile Organic Contaminants (Chemical Contaminants, Benzenes, Toluene, Oils, THM’s, Detergents, PCB’s)

Produce up to 500 litres/day*
Water conditions:

  - Temperature  30ºC
  - Pressure: Min. 3 kg Max. 6 kg
  - Quality (500 tds or ppm)

Other conditions can reduce the water production.  
Replacement cartridges every 6 months.