Air Revitalisor Greenleaf

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AIR Revitalisor GREENLEAF 250 M3

Superb Revitalisor in leaf vein implementation, ideally in the living room, garden room or bedroom, but misstaat far from the office, smoking room or office, rugged yet refined construction for years of enjoyment and a jewel of an asset that will take place soon in the interior.

A Revitalisor is a total air handling system that makes use of the natural cleaning power of water and natural Bio5; vegetable and essential oils and extracts. It cleanses, purifies, moistened, ionizes, deodorize and offer a natural and aromatherapy effect all at the same time. No other air cleaner on the market today is able to match it!

A Revitalisor only uses the natural power of water and botanical Bio5; extracts to create a scrubbing effect. This technology removed odors, tobacco smoke, bacteria, fungi and other contaminants as it releases a natural, soothing fragrance. At the same time he is your air humidification and ionisation maximum dose of living comfort.

And the result, noticeably cleaner and fresher air within minutes after you turn the Revitalisor.
Type:  Air Revitalisor Greenleaf
Color:  naturel
Category:  air purifier, humidifier, deodoriser, aromatherapy ionizer
Use:  in and around the house
Suitable for:  spaces to 250M³
Approvals:  CE, CB, TUV / GS, KEMA
wattage:  14 watts
speed:  To 2850 / min
Content:  Approximately 1 liter
Material:  polypropylene
Airspeed:  0.7 meters / second
Sound:  47 dBA