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Advanced Nutrients Bud Blood Liquid 1 liter

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Kick Start your Plants Into the Bloom Phase!!
Advanced Nutrients Bud Blood contains special forms of Phosphorous and Potassium that get your plants to begin profuse flowering earlier and faster. Bud Blood is an ingenious flowering booster for use in the first 1-2 weeks of the flowering cycle only.

    Designed by a team of top scientists dedicated to making products of excellence
    Manufactured to the highest possible standards by Advanced Nutrients
    Triggers earlier budding, increasing the number of flowering sites
    Can reduce flowering time for a faster crop-cycle, increasing efficiency
    Perfect for use with the range of Advanced Nutrients additives and boosters

Advanced Nutrients - Bud Blood Liquid 1 litre Contains:
1 litre of Bud Blood Liquid
How Bud Blood works:
Advanced Nutrients Bud Blood is a unique flowering booster made for use in the first 2 weeks of the flowering cycle. Advanced Nutrients Bud Blood is made from special forms of Phosphorous, Potassium and certain kelp extracts that stimulate your plants to go into budding earlier and with more vigour. After the first 1-2 weeks, it is recommended to switch to Advanced Nutrients Big Bud for mid-flowering and then use Overdrive for late flowering. Because Bud Blood kick-starts your plants into budding earlier, the length of the flowering cycle is reduced. This can lead to a shortening of the crop cycle and earlier, bigger harvests.
Please note that Bud Blood is not part of the Advanced Nutrients “pH perfect” range of products and if Bud Blood is used you will need to check and adjust the pH of your reservoir regularly. The equivalent product to Bud Blood in the Advanced Nutrients “pH perfect” range is Bud Ignitor.
Using Bud Blood:
Advanced Nutrients Bud Blood is for use in any type of grow-system and with any growing medium. To use, simply make up your nutrient solution as normal and adjust the strength and pH as usual. Add Bud Blood at a rate of 2ml per litre and mix well.
As with all nutrients, boosters and additives, never mix them together in their concentrated form (i.e. straight from the bottle). Always add each nutrient, booster or additive to your reservoir water or feed water in turn, giving the solution a good stir to mix it in before adding the next one.
Advanced Nutrients Bud Blood dosage: 2ml per litre
Advanced Nutrients Bud Blood NPK: 0-10-6