SMSCOM Smart Controller MK2

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The Smart Temperature Controller MK2 from SMSCOM is a fully automatic temperature fan controller that you can use directly and without cables. The controller is designed to keep the temperature in your room constant while the airflow is continuously controlled. Once you have set the desired temperature, the Smart Controller automatically creates the perfect climate.

When you install the Smart Controller for the first time, it takes 5-10 minutes to scan your room to determine the correct fan speed. Then the controller knows exactly how fast your fan needs to run for a constant temperature. From then on the fan speed is automatically adjusted to maintain this temperature. The Smart Controller has 60 different speeds, allowing the fan speed to be seamlessly regulated. That is why the temperature control is more precise than with most controllers.


- Motion Flow software system;
- 60 different speeds;
- very accurate temperature control;
- the fan makes less noise and lasts longer.


- Plug the Smart Controller into the socket;
- Place the temperature sensor in the middle of the room;
- Connect your fan to the Smart Controller;
- Set the desired minimum fan speed;
- Set the desired temperature.
- With the left rotary control you determine the minimum speed of the fan and with the right rotary control you select the desired temperature.


Do not place the temperature sensor in the direct airflow of the fan and do not connect a fan of more than 5A/1000watt. This can permanently damage the device.