Homebox Ambient R80-S (80cm x 60cm x 70 cm)

  • Description

It’s compact, but powerful! The HOMEbox® Ambient R80S is ideal for generating dozens of cuttings and seedlings in the smallest of spaces. Where ceiling height permits, it can fit snugly on top of an existing grow tent, cleverly utilising the same ventilation system, so that no extra floor space is taken up. Complete with PAR+ super reflective lining and ideally lit with LED or compact fluorescent grow lights, growers can always be well-stocked with rooted, vigorous cuttings for year-round production.

Assembled size: 80 x 60 x 70 cm
Grow space: 0.48 m2

    High-tech German design and engineering
    Rugged, plant-safe materials ensures long working life
    Removable, water-resistant flooring
    Solid base attached to the tent with a zip all the way around
    Inlet and outlet tubes:
    + 100 mm (4”): 1x Back
    + 125 mm (5”): 1x left
    + 160 mm (6.3”): 1x Roof
    2 x 125 (5”) OmniFlow-Airvents left and right side
    700-micron MicroMesh bug-screen including
    Tough canvas outer shell
    PAR+ super reflective lining promotes faster growth and higher yields
    Metal structure (16 mm), strong precision plastic corners
    Once closed, unit is entirely sealed and virtually lightproof
    Total-Blackout Zippers – no need for Velcro flaps
    Maximum Capacity: 50 kg