Advanced Nutrients Piranha Liquid 1 liter

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Advanced Nutrient's Piranha Beneficial Fungi is the perfect companion product to Voodoo Juice. Voodoo Juice colonizes the root zone with beneficial bacteria, while Piranha colonizes the root zone with 24 beneficial fungi. These fungi are 8 species of trichodermia and 16 species endo and ecto mycorrhizal.

Trichodermia are very aggressive colonizers that enhance root mass, and provide excellent control from root rot, pythium and pytophethoria. Advanced Nutrients Piranha Beneficial Fungi is an effective foliar spray against fungi that attack plant foliage (ie. Pythium spp., Rhizoctania solani, Fusarium spp., Botrytis cinerea (bud rot), Sclerotium rolfsii, and Sclerotinia homoeocarpa). There are over 50,000 research studies on the mycorrhizal relationship. The mycorrhizal fungi excrete powerful chemicals that dissolve mineral nutrients, absorb water, retard soil pathogens, and glue soil particles together into porous structure. Mycorrhizal can expand the surface area of the root mass by 700%. Both plant and fungus benefit from the symbiotic relationship.

Research has documented improved plant nutrient and water uptake and resistance to a wide range of soil diseases and environmental extremes. Plants establish fruit and flower more abundantly and require less intensive care. This is a major reason why plants form natural undisturbed areas can thrive for decades and centuries without irrigation, fertilizer and pesticides. The mycorrhizal network is the original World Wide Web.