Garden Highpro TT extractor 220-280 m3/h 125 mm

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TT is a range of mixed, axial and centrifugal extractors, designed to offer maximum comfort to the grower of small and medium projects.

A speed selector allows to change its operating mode according to needs and its anchoring system facilitates its maintenance and cleaning without the need to make changes in the ducts. Network cable included.


- High performance, improved pressure and minimal noise
- Durable quality materials
- Easy maintenance without the need to alter ducts
- 2 speeds, no need for speed regulators

The fan housing is of high quality and made of durable materials (ABS plastic). The engine block is fixed to the assembled bracket using special lockable clamps. The maintenance of the extractor is therefore quick and easy, not requiring a complete disassembly (it is unnecessary to separate only the central block from the housing).

The inlet mouth has a manifold to allow the air to enter the fan smoothly. The hemispherical shape of the impeller and specially profiled blades increase the circulating speed of the airflow providing higher capacity and pressure than standard axial fans.

These fans have thermal overheating protection to prevent motor overload and have an IP4 degree of protection. The bearings extend the life of the puller, reaching up to 40,000 hours of continuous operation.

Designed to operate for long periods of time without actually disconnecting, they offer extensive possibilities in addition to the advantages of axial and centrifugal extractors.

Extractor TT125 (220-280 m│ / h)
Air flow: 220 - 280 m│ / h
Rev / Min: 2400 obr / min
Power: 23/37 W
Flow: 220/280 m│ / h
Sound pressure (at 3 m): 28/37 dB
Protection class: IP4
Weight: 1.4 kg