Secret Jardin R4 DP90 Dark Propagator 90 cm x 60 cm x 98 cm

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The DARK PROPAGATOR is a "Station Alternative" lined with 95% reflective hammered effect mylar fabric, to increase light intensity and improve light distribution. The new DarkRoom PROPAGATOR is Light-proof, waterproof and pre-equipped for extraction and ventilation, the tents come with equipment bars to support lamps, and carbon filters.

Totally lightproof when closed.
-    Easy and quick to assemble.
-    Rustproof grow tent poles for long life.
-    95% reflective inner mylar layer.
-    Easy mounting of carbon filter, duct and lighting.
-    Plenty of pull cord circular vent holes.
-    Washable material to remove odours.
-    Straps included for easy mounting of carbon filter or extractor fan.
-    Grow tent carry case included for easy transportation or storage.
-    Heavy duty zips.

Latests improvements!

The R4.00 series is a brand-new series of grow tents from Secret Jardin! With a robust steel structure, optimized vents, a double flap zip, renewed Mylar 210D reflective material and reinforced PE600 Oxford bottom. Immediately ready to use.

Secret Jardin’s ducting flanges enable to create vents anywhere on your grow tent and to simplify your setup. Thanks to their 100% hermetic design, you can easily connect your filters, ducts and extractors from Ø100 mm to Ø150 mm. By using the Light Baffle, your ducting flange will also function as a completely lightproof air intake.


- 1x ducting flange;
- 1x cable flange;
- 1x light baffle;
- 1x connector;
- 1x water tray;
- 15x CableIT.


- Dimensions: 90 x 60 x 98 cm;
- Tent poles: Ø 16 mm;
- Tent en inner tray material: Mylar 210D;
- Recommended growing lighting: 4x TLED 26 watt;
- Recommended propagation lighting: 2x TLED 26 watt;
- Cooltube: not possible;
- Ventilation opening: 1x Ø 100 mm;
- Advised ventilation: 15-30 m3/h;
- Weight: 5.8 kg.