Adjust-a-wing Heat Shield Super Spreader

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By attaching the Super-SpreaderTM accessory, the Adjust-A-Wing® reflectors become even more efficient and may be placed an unprecedented 20-30 cm from growing plants to produce awesome light levels, increased area coverage and deep foliage penetration without burning or overheating the crop.

The "Super-Spreader" is first and foremost a light spreader. It creates a super wide ultra even light distribution pattern by efficiently reflecting excess light from the central "hot spot" towards grow room extremities. The "Super Spreader" reduces heat intensity by reflection but also acts as an efficient "cooling fin" in situations where there is reasonable airflow around the lamp.
These unique features allow growers to bring lights closer to plants and experience the benefits of greatly increased power and penetration, promoting more even growth and less heat over your growing area, try some, put them to the test !!! The "Super Spreader" will greatly enhance the performance of any horizontal H.I.D. lighting fixture.

- Creates wider, more even light spread
- Eliminates "hot spots" & "shady edges"
- Promotes vigorous even plant growth
- Improved yields in shorter periods
- Higher light levels without burning
- Position much closer to plants
- Suits most horizontal lamps & reflectors