Aptus Fungone 1 liter

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Against fungi, bacteria and viruses
Fungone is a preventive measure that problems with fungi, prevents infections and viruses before it is too late. Fungone is a product that is not harmful to the plant and the plant does not inhibit processes. Too many breeders wait until the problems with a common mold and mildew have become too big and then act to pesticides. The use of pesticides is harmful to humans and the environment and inhibits the plant processes. The plants have been inhibited because of the fungus disease is high and shall be further inhibited by the use of harmful pesticides. This affects both the yield and quality. Aptus-Holland recommends that during periods when the disease rate is normally high Fungone with preventive work. By using the Fungone the plant including leaves thoroughly cleaned. Fungone ensures that the effects of harmful fungi, infections and viruses to be neutralized in time.

Avoid problems with fungi, viruses and infections
Prevent bud rot and mildew
Cleans plant leaves
Is not toxic and not harmful to the plant
Fungone concentrate is cheaper to run

Tips & Tricks
Spray the Fungone whenever the lights are off. Leaves burn quickly as
sprayed with the lights. The spray droplets on the leaf
prisms through which light from the lamps is enhanced.
Fungone syringe is ready, so ready to use.
Fungone able to concentrate on a 4 so add 200ml Fungone concentrate and
800ml water for 1 liter spray solution.

Fungone contains a proprietary formula consisting of stabilized hydrogen peroxide and activated. This formula is 100 times stronger than normal hydrogen. Using this formula, the Fungone an effective product.

Fungone is all ready to use Aptus product. You must be sprayed directly on the plant. For larger volumes, there Fungone concentrate, which you spray a solution of 1 liter 5 liters can make. Spray Fungone undiluted or diluted 5 times Fungone concentrate directly on the plant. Always ensure that the lights during the spraying. And always wear a mask and goggles. Fungone is not toxic and causes no residue in the plant.