Advanced Nutrients Juicy Roots Cloning Gel 60 ml

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From Advanced Nutrients, Juicy Roots cloning gel contains special ingredients that supercharge your plant clones so more of them survive! As you know, fungi, molds and mildew are the biggest threat to clones, but Juicy Roots contains special blockers that rapidly repel microbial invaders BEFORE they have the chance to assault your plant cuttings.

Juicy Roots helps your plant cuttings quickly produce a larger radius of root mass. It contains rare compounds that force your cuttings to devote more energy and metabolism to generate faster, earlier root sprouting and growth.

Because of the immediate development of root mass, your cuttings will grow faster, have increased metabolism, enhanced immune systems, and grow into stronger plants.This cloning gel comes with a convenient applicator tip for safer, easier cloning.

Directions: Dip your plant cutting into Juicy Roots cloning gel 1/4" higher than you plan to place it into the growing medium.