Silencer 50 cm150 mm

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Length 50 cm and Ø150 mm connection flanges.

Silencer to reduce noise from air extractor fans, as well as voice sounds. Equipped with standard size flanges.

Easily-fitted silencer for circular ducts, fitted with a connection that complies with the spiral duct standard. The tubular silencer effectively reduces noise in the duct. Two silencers can be used together in installations where noise reduction is a particularly strong requirement. This is very effective.
For the most effective noise reduction, the silencer should be fitted immediately behind a fan or bend. The silencer should be used together with an insulated fan and ducting, where there is a requirement for noise reduction both in the duct and in the surroundings as a whole.

Length: 500 mm;
Diameter: Ø250 mm;
Flange sizes: Ø150 mm.