Garden Highpro Pumpro 2L

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The Garden HighPro PumPro 2L Sprayer is the perfect tool for fertilization tasks foliar or application of phytosanitary products of small and medium crops. With pre-pressure operation; pre-filter inserted in the suction tube and 360º rotating nozzle.

This practical utensil uses the movement of a plunger, which the user operates manually, to achieve a pre-pressure capable of spraying the liquid contained just by pressing the shutter button. The trigger can be lock so that we don't have to hold it with our finger. When the pressure starts to drop and the flow becomes less intense, the plunger is activated until it is recovered so that the spray does not stop.

It has a nozzle capable of orienting the spray in 360º. You can also regulate the outlet flow from a jet continuous to a cloud of microdroplets. Its small size together with its ergonomic grip allows easy maneuvering between the leaves and stems.

For greater safety, it has a small escape valve to decompress the bottle in case it were necessary.
To this must be added the great resistance of its plastic materials, so that the unit can be used continuously without fear that the effects of use will wear you out ahead of time. A simple but irreplaceable utensil that it can last a lifetime.

How to use:

Just make sure of the dose of product indicated by the manufacturer and add it to the tank of your sprayer PumPro. Close the tank lid. Pull the trigger trigger and spraying will begin. It is recommended to depressurize the PumPro after each use by activating the small red exhaust valve.