Secret Jardin Darkroom DR150 R4 150cm x 150 cm x 235cm

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The Dark Room R4.00 has all the advantages of the Dark Street and much more. For example, it is provided with an indestructible Ø25mm stainless steel frame. The Dark Room R4.00 now also has access options at the back, giving you 360° easy access to the plants. It also has a new 100% lightproof system and the WaterTray is fiber strengthened.

The Secret Jardin Dark Room DR150 revision 4 is a professional and high-quality grow tent. The DR150 is fully equipped with Mylar 400D on the inside. The mylar used reflects even more light than used in the Hobby series, has a high tear resistance, is heat resistant, oil, grease and moisture resistant and can be washed in the washing machine.

The Dark Room DR150 grow tent has two 250 mm ducting flanges with a standard 200 mm connector. These can easily be placed in a corner of your choice. The ducting flanges can also be purchased separately so that there is a solution for every need. Two 70 mm cable flanges are also supplied as standard for the passage of cables.

All Dark Rooms are equipped with light-tight zippers and can be set up quickly and easily with the clear instructions. The Dark Room DR150 also comes with a battery of accessories for free. For example, with the Dark Room DR150, you get 1x WebIT150, 1x StrapIT set, 1x set of HookITs, 20x CableITs, 1x PocketIT and the Space Booster. The Space Booster ensures that the Mylar side walls can no longer be sucked in.


- Available in various sizes;
- Equipped with super strong Mylar;
- Lined with the best reflective Mylar 400D;
- Thanks to the ducting flanges you can place the air in and outlets in any corner of your choice;
- 100% lightproof thanks to the double shielded and stronger zippers;
- The Dark Rooms are equipped with a new fiber-reinforced, waterproof and removable water tray;
- Super strong thanks to the Ø 25mm stainless steel tent poles with a wall thickness of 0.6mm;
- Extra sturdy 2.5 & 7 mm thick plastic corners;
- 360 ° access to grow room thanks to the front door (s) and side panels on the sides and rear;
- The canvas and inner of the Dark Room can be at 40 ° C washed in the washing machine;
- The DR150 is equipped with three suspension tubes for e.g. lighting, filter and fans. The capacity per tube is 20 kg.


- Revision: 4.00;
- Dimensions: 150 x 150 x 217 cm;
- Tent poles:Stainless steel Ø 25 mm x 0.6 mm;
- Tent and inner tray material: Mylar 400D;
- Recommended lighting: Max. 1x HPS/MH 1000W or 1x LED/CFL 600W;
- Air intake / exhaust: 2x duct flanges 254 mm with standard 2x 200mm connectors;
- Cable entry: 2 cable flanges x Ø 70 mm;
- Space Booster: Yes;
- Plant Support: 1x WebIT150;
- Supplied accessories: 1x set of HookITs, 20x CableITs, 1x PocketIT;
- Load capacity: 3x 20 kg.