Arts TOPROT (Budmold Fungal Disease) 250 ml

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A professional biological spray from The Netherlands which can be used against FUNGAL DISEASE, RUST and MILDEW. It contains lecithine and comes with extra sprinkler and growth patron. Can also be used on plants in distress, for instance just after planting or in the beginning of the blooming phase.

Dose and Use:-1 litre of spraying fluid is enough for 10m2
-Spray just before putting the lights off.
-When using for healing: mix 50 ml of TOPROT with 1 litre of water (or whole bottle of SPINT with 5 litres of water). Spray it on plants and tops.
-When using for prevention: mix 25 ml TOPROT with 1 litre of water. Use it weekly. Repeat when plants are starting to bloom.
-Get rid of fluid not used!