Hanna HI 981405 GroCheck Combo - pH and Conductivity (EC) Indicator with Visual Alarm

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HI 981405 has been designed to continuously monitor the two most important nutrient parameters in the hydroponics, greenhouses and horticultural applications. The HI 981405 allows the grower to easily check the status of the fertilizer solution at a glance with two easy to read LCD's and alarm lights. HI 981405 offers user selectable alarms for both pH and conductivity so growers can easily set the acceptable ranges to best match the nutrient level requirements of specific types of plants and flowers. The pH setpoint is adjustable from 3 to 7 pH and the alarm light is activated when the pH value exceeds this setpoint. The EC setpoint can range from 1.00 to 3.50 EC (mS/cm) and the alarm is activated when the value is below the setpoint. HI 981405 can be easily calibrated at one or two points in the pH range (pH 4 and 7) and at one point in the EC range with trimmers on the front of the instrument. The HI 981405 is supplied with an advanced, non-clogging double junction pH electrode and a rugged conductivity probe that will withstand even the most aggressive environments. The instrument is powered by a 12VDC transformer and comes equipped with a grounding bar to ensure more accurate pH measurements and longer life of the electrode. The is compact and easy to install and use. This makes it ideal for all continuous monitoring applications.