Hypro Terra 1 liter

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Terra:Growers which use HY-PRO products during the complete growing period,can expect an exuberant grow and flowering. Common potting soil, contains only feeding substances for the first weeks. Most other breeding groundsalso lack sufficient feeding substances.

Disadvantages of garden ground

Even common garden soil is not ideal, because it often contains pollutionsthat can harm a plant. More over it is difficult to indicate the exact fertilising ingredients of this soil. A good fertilizer is prepared for this and fills in wherenecessary. The better the quality of the nutrition, the more the plant willconsume. The non-consumed substances will not be a burden for the plant.The ingredients of HY-PRO Terra are of a revolutionary quality.

Spore elements:In order to create healthy plants it is necessary to add the needed spore elements to the soil. When HY-PRO Terra is used, the plants will react optimally to all kinds of circumstances, both in- and outdoors.

Application: HY-PRO Terra is best to be added from the third week of the flowering period. We recommend mixing it with water, in the proportion of 1:200.(5 ml by ltr). When overdosed, you will notice a light browning (burning) of the leaves. By pouring extra water you can repair this.

Tip:We recommend to mix the fertilizer with water in the same temperature asthe environment. This prevents fluctuations of pH-values and EC-concentratingand stimulates optimal growing.