Hanna GroChek Continuous EC Monitor with Large Display (HI983301N)

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Hanna Gro'Chek Water-resistant Continuous TDS Monitor (HI983301N): Continuous Monitoring - The status of your growing media is available ''at a glance'' 24 hours a day. Water-resistant - EC and TDS Gro'Chek's rugged casing & connections have been sealed against vapor, dust and water. 2-year warranty for the meter and 1-year warranty for the probe. New Larger Display - Hanna has eliminated the alarm (which was totally useless and annoying to growers) and replaced it with a larger dispay in this newer model. ATC - The EC/TDS probe automatically compensates for the effect of temperature to assure accurate measurements.

To make the Gro'Chek ideally suited for growers, the housings and cable connections have been sealed against vapor and humidity. False readings due to low batteries as well as frequent battery changes are not an issue with the Gro'chek monitors as they come instead with a 12 VDC power supply included with the meter. With the Gro'Chek meter's built-in molded eye, you can simply hang the meter right above the sample to be monitored or take it with you for on-site measurements. The probe compensates for the temperature variation automatically, is easy to clean and very stable needing little maintenance.