Bio Nova Nova-Star-T 15 gram

  • Beschrijving

Nova Star-T is a product developed by Bio Nova, and is based on modern bio-technology. The product is meant to guarantee an optimal start. It consists of antagonistic fungi and bacteria, which are activated as soon as the product comes in contact with water. The product should then be brought into contact with the roots as soon as possible, where they can actively take part in the absorption process and form a protective shield round the roots. After this process of grafting, the fungi and bacteria grow along with the roots and form a long-life protection. This symbiosis is attractive not only the for plant, but also for the fungi and bacteria: The fungi and bacteria make for a better nutrient absorption and protection, while they get carbohydrates, which are essential for their survival, in return from the plant.

The underlying philosophy of Nova Star-T is to create a biologically well-balanced environment, which fulfills to all requirements necessary for offering plants the best chance for a healthy and fertile existence. The created product is called Nova Star-T, which makes its purpose obvious on all fronts: it can be rightfully called a "star" product since it guarantees a clear head start, and finishes in a high yield.

Nova Star-T     Instructions
The product is fairly easy to use: dissolve 1 package of 15 grams in 5 liters of warm water, this is enough to dip under approximately 10 trays of cuttings, after which a possible remnant should be poured out over the soil. Once the product is prepared, it should be used within three hours. Initial watering of the soil or slab occurs with Roots in the familiar fashion. Subsequently use one of the five fertilization schemes.