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Neptune Hydroponics Mistmaker 1 membraam - 375 ml / h

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To ensure optimal conditions for the development of plants, it is necessary to maintain an adequate level of moisture in the growing room.

This humidifier operates on the principle of ultrasonic waves - it changes pure water into a cool and refreshing steam.

In the production of water vapor, very large amounts of anions (negative ions) are formed, which are very helpful in the precipitation of pollen, dust and other air pollutants accumulating in the room.

A device with low power consumption, completely safe to use.


Mist Maker Neptune Hydroponics - Ultrasonic air humidifier + float

High quality ultrasonic humidifier equipped with a nebulizer for steam production. This device is ideally suited to small and medium cultivation rooms.


Using the float the  device can be used in tanks of any size

The mist can be blown with a blowing fan.

The device is easy to use, it is suitable for immediate use - it has a water level meter that automatically switches off when the water is too low


Technical data:

Dimensions: fi 3,9cm, h 2,5cm

1 diaphragm with diam. 15mm

24V / 24W / 0.5A power supply + 1.8m power cable

Max. yield: 375 ml / h