Rodwin Electronics Mist Maker 3 Membramen - 1200 ml / h

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This Rodwin Mist maker ultrasonic humidifier is best combined with the float, which makes it float on the water surface and ensures evaporation. This is also why the name Mist Maker because it creates a mist mist.

If it is important that the humidity is properly distributed, it is recommended to combine it with a fan to create a windy situation.

  • Horticultural and Decorative Applications
  • This allows plants to be hydrated without wetting the foliage, preventing the development of mold.
  • It prevents the development of parasites.
  • It will help the growth of young cuttings by providing them with the necessary moisture.
  • The mist also absorbs odors.
  • It is an ideal accessory for moistening plant walls and creating a certain atmosphere in fountains and ponds, both indoors and outdoors.

Ultrasonic humidifier with 3 membranes and float

The 3-diaphragm Rodwin Electronics uses electrical oscillation at ultrasonic frequencies.

Each ceramic cell vibrates at a very high frequency (3 times the speed of sound) by moving the water molecules. These molecules, smaller than 5 microns, will then turn into a dry mist.

With float to keep the humidifier at the right water level to optimize humidification.

Optimal use Rodwin Electronics Mist Maker

Technically, an ultrasonic humidifier is not designed to run continuously, but according to ON/OFF ranges. For this, we recommend connecting it to a programmer on a 15 minute on and 15 minute off cycle.

Fill a tank with tap water and keep it clean at all times. The temperature should be between 5 and 40°C.
Use the float that floats on the surface of the water and ensures evaporation until the reservoir is empty.
Use a container large enough not to splash out.
Do not use an abrasive product to clean the humidifier, a cloth and water are sufficient.
Do not expose the transformer to moisture.
Ceramic replacement membranes included 3 pieces

20mm replacement membrane (ceramic), compatible with ultrasonic humidifiers. Very easy to install. We recommend that you replace the membrane of your humidifier when the amount of mist produced begins to decrease.

Reference : BRU03
Brand : RODWIN Electronics
Recommended use : Hygrometry - evaporation
To be used : Indoors and outdoors
Model : 3 Membranes
Material: stainless steel
Number of sockets : Wired 10 meters
Dimensions Height: 3 cm
Diameter : 6.8cm
Wattage (W) : 72W
Voltage in Volts (V) : 230-240 V
Frequency in Hertz (Hz) : 50 Hz
Warranty : 2 years
Water Consumption: ≥ 1200ml/hr