Hygrozyme 500 ml

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Hygrozyme is a culture of pure enzymes, developed specifically for horticultural applications. It is derived entirely from Natural ingredients that are induced by fermentation processes to produce bacteria free enzymes and complex chains of amino acids. Enzymes have a proven role in the root zone and can greatly enhance plant performance by eliminating harmful organisms and creating a healthy environment for roots to perform their functions. The bio-fermentation process used to produce Hygrozyme is unique and exclusive to Sipco.

Hygrozyme is the result of ten years research and development by leading enzyme company Sipco Bio Engineering of Canada. This company has a long history of excellence in the field of enzymatic formulations for various applications – Waste water treatment, pharmaceutical and medical technology and, of course, Horticultural products. Hygrozyme was developed and field-tested with the help of hydroponic growers, farmers and industry professionals – including members of various growers’ co-operatives in California and Canada. HYGROZYME may well be "the greatest breakthrough in Horticulture in the last decade."

Other enzyme products are contaminated by the leftover bacteria from the fermentation process and can rapidly spoil and lose their efficiency – however Hygrozyme is unique in that all bacteria are eliminated from the liquid, by a special process, before it is bottled.

Hygrozyme has an almost unlimited shelf like and retains its efficacy until it is used by the grower. It offers all the benefits of cultured enzymes in one powerful and stable solution.