Rodwin Ultra Plat Heater 500W

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Ultra flat, stylish and economical, this Rodwin Electronics 500W wall-mounted auxiliary heater is ideal for heating all interior spaces, bedrooms, offices, greenhouses, verandas, bathrooms... with a surface area of 15 to 20m2 . Ready to start, it is wired with a 1.45 meter cord.

From Russian space technology, this patented wall panel was first created to heat the international MIR station. This radiant film is capable of heating interior spaces from a temperature of - 40°C.


This indoor radiator comes in the form of a 58 x 120cm poster on which is "printed" using a patented technique of heating strips.

Once connected to the mains, it will only need 10 seconds to reach its maximum temperature of 65°C and trigger its energy saving process (temperature stabilizer) on its own. At the end of this process, its electrical consumption will decrease by 10 to 15% while maintaining the level of heat produced.

The heat released by this wall-mounted radiator is soft and radiant, no hot, burning breath that dries out the atmosphere.


This opaque white radiant flexible film will be hung vertically on a flat surface using the screw provided for this purpose and included (no adhesive). No part of this heater should be covered by other objects. This heating element must be installed away from another heat source.

Advice and installation instructions in French and English are included.