SMSCOM Twincontroller mk2 7A

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The SMSCOM Twin Controller MK2 is a compact, yet full-featured fan speed controller for two ventilation fans in total up to 7 Amps. The Twin Controller can be easily set with only three knobs (desired temperature, minimum speed and maximum speed).

The SMSCOM Twin Controller MK2 is electronically controlled and offers a simple and easy way to control the temperature accurately in your grow room. The SMSCOM Twin Controller MK2 continuously regulates the correct speed of your fans and maintanes the right temperature. The Twin Controller MK2 has dedicated poweroutlets for the IN and OUT fan.


  • Accurate software controlled transformer climate controller;
  • Simple operation through three knobs (required temperature, minimum fan speed, maximum fanspeed);
  • Maximum load up to 7A / 1600 watts;
  • 5 Meter NTC temperature sensor included;
  • Replacement fuse included;
  • Software-controlled;
  • 5 year warranty.


  • Connect your fans IN and or OUT fans in the right order to the blue sockets;
  • Set the Minimum desired fan speed with knob 1 (e.g. 30%);
  • Set the desired temperature using knob 2 (e.g. 25°C);
  • Set the desired Maximum fan speed with knob 3 (e.g. 90%);
  • Place the temperature sensor in your growroom. Note: not in direct air flow, or directly under a light source;
    Now plug the Twincontroller MK2 to the mains;
  • The Twincontroller MK2 can also be used to just controle an extractor fan, to do so you only have to plug the extractor fan in the "FAN AIR OUT" power socket. The Twin Controller MK2 will drive the fan and will continuously seek the best fan speed to maintain the desired temperature.

When connecting the Twincontroller to the mains, it will start in a scanning mode. During this 5 minute periode it speed up and slow down attempting to find the perfect speed for the fans. After the scan process, the Twincontroller will always know the perfect speed to drive the fans for a constant temperature.

Note: Too slowly rotating fans can create a lot of noice and can also caus failure of the fans. So make sure that the minimum level is not set too low.