Biotabs Pk 5-8 500 ml

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Bio PK 5-8 is an organic liquid fertiliser (NPK 2-5-8) that contains seaweed, vitamins, humic substances, auxins and other phytohormones. Seaweed is very beneficial for plants helping with the growth of leaves, stems and flowers plus it also supports the development of a healthy root system. This is because it provides the plant with all the biologically active nutrients such as enzymes, amino acids and plant hormones as well as being a source of auxins, gibberellins and cytokinins.

Biotabs Bio PK 5-8 helps with the development of fruits and flowers and provides plants with the correct amount of nutrients including trace elements. As a result, your plants grow better. Humic substances facilitate the transportation of nutrients to the plant and have a beneficial and comprehensive effect on plants. It promotes rooting, growth and flowering. And increases the plants natural defence against abiotic stress and improves regeneration in case of damage. Repeated application of the product improves the fitness of plants and increases their yield and overall quality.

Directions for use
Apply from the second week of flowering until one week before harvest. Mix 1-3 ml of Bio PK 5-8 per litre of water for each watering. Another option is to give each plant 10 ml of Bio PK 5-8 diluted in at least 1 litre of water, starting from week 2 until 6 of the flowering phase.

We do not recommend the use of liquid organic fertilisers such as Bio PK 5-8 in combination with drip irrigation systems as it may cause blockages in the drip system.

Bio PK 5-8 contains BioTabs flower boosting formula combined with trace elements, phosphorus, potassium, calcium (2,5%), molasses, humic acid and vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B12 to ensure your plants flower to their maximum potential.