Hydroflex WH-100 Aquarium Heater 100 watt

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The Hydroflex WH-100 Aquarium heater 100 Watt is the ideal solution for small aquariums. Due to its low spring of only 21 centimeters, it will soon fit in the small aquariums. Due to its short length, the Hydroflex Aquariumheater also takes up little space, making it easy to hide in the aquarium.

Note: you must place the heater vertically in the aquarium.


- Easy setting of the desired temperature;
- Clear temperature display;
- Sensitive and reliable thermostat for constant temperature;
- Heater on / off indicator light;
- Efficient and compact heating element;
- Waterproof double insulation for optimum safety;
- Comes complete with sturdy clips and suction cups.


- 100 watts;
- For aquariums from 20-60 liters;
- 21 centimeters long;
- The device can be submerged up to 1.20 meters;
- Temperature can be set very accurately;
- LED light on during operation;
- Power cable of 1.5 meter length.


a Select the device with the correct wattage, use the table of the packaging to select the correct power.

b Mount the supplied suction cups on the device. Do not place it on the heating part.

c Set the desired temperature by using. turn the red adjustment knob on top of the device. The right-hand side is the temperature scale in Fahrenheit, the left-hand side in Celcius. The temperature must always be checked by an accurate thermometer in the aquarium. A small difference between the set temperature and the measured temperature is acceptable.

d Place the equipment in the aquarium and wait a few minutes so that the thermometer is sufficiently adjusted to the ambient temperature. Choose a place where there is always sufficient water circulation to ensure the optimal functionality of the thermostat.

e Insert the plug into the socket, making sure that the plug is always positioned slightly higher than the lowest point of the cable to prevent water from getting into the socket via the cable.

Important safety warning

1 Check that the voltage on the device label is the same as the mains voltage.

2 Do not plug in the appliance if the appliance is not completely submerged (see also the mark on the top of the appliance).

3 To prevent glass breakage due to thermal shock, remove the plug from the wall socket before removing the device from the water.

4 The cable cannot be replaced. If it is damaged, the device can no longer be used.

5 The device can be submerged up to 1.20 meters.

6 This device is only suitable for indoor use and is not intended for use in bathrooms and the like.

7 To prevent possible electrical failure due to possible glass breakage, the plugs of heating devices and other electrical devices should always be disconnected from the power outlet before you come into contact with your aquarium water with your hands.

8 The device may only be connected to an installation with an earth leakage circuit breaker (30 mA).