Biobizz Bio PH- 1 liter

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Say "hello" to the newest member of the Biobizz family. Called Bio · pH 1L, it is specially designed for the organic farming sector.

Biobizz Bio · pH- is an aqueous solution made from citric acid and naturally present in various citrus fruits, such as lemons. Correcting the pH naturally is essential for plants to be able to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients. The natural formula of Bio · pH allows a fast pH adjustment of any type of substrate and culture, without damaging the microvie in the soil.

It is designed to work perfectly with Biobizz nutrients and can be used in any irrigation system. Its use is suitable both during the growth and flowering period.

How to use it

Mix the necessary Biobizz nutrients and measure the pH of the preparation. Use 0.1 ml Bio · pH - to lower the pH by 0.5. Add the required amount of Bio · pH, mix for 10 seconds and measure the pH level again. Continue adding Bio · pH- until you have reached the optimum pH range of 6.2-6.5, and you are ready to apply the nutrient mix to your plants.

Why choose Bio · pH?

Bio · pH can be used during vegetative and flowering periods, in any irrigation system and in combination with any Biobizz substrate or liquid product. Bio · pH- does not contain strong acids. In other words, this 100% biological pH regulator does not damage the microwaves of the substrate.

For a completely organic crop, from seed to harvest!