Bio Nova Veganics Grow

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Bio Nova Veganics GROW 3-2-4

Veganics GROW is a 100% organic liquid nutrient and is particularly recommended for sustainable agriculture and organic farming. Veganics GROW is formulated to be used during the entire growing season.

Product Characteristics

• Product is directly bio-available for the roots
• Naturally build-in root stimulator
• Small cuttings and seedlings will gain strength from the first application
• Steady growth with small internodes
• Increases the number of secondary branches
• Stimulates the forming of flowers
• 100% vegan


Veganics GROW can be used during the entire growing season: from the moment roots appear, during the vegetative phase. Veganics GROW can be used on any growing media or substrate.


Add 2-12 ml/ gallon or 5-30 ml/10 l Veganics GROW to pure water, depending on the growth stage of the crop, see grow schedule.


Veganics GROW can be applied to the substrate as root irrigation or hydroponically through drip irrigation. Can be mixed (in solution) with other nutrients and stimulators. Shake well before use.