Osram Plantastar 400w

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  • Description

The Osram Planta Star is a sodium vapor lamp of a special kind. This bulb is to be used during the blooming phase of plants.
With 400 watt the bulb offers an increased luminous efficacy to improve the growth of plants and cut flowers, also for the commercial cultivation.

This illuminant was developed for rather high-growing vegetables, which need a bright light source. Due to the high red and yellow color spectrum, the Osram Planta Star is mostly used for the blooming phase. Additionally, the bulb has a higher portion of blue light than the Osram Nav-T-Super, which is noticeable by the strong growth of the plants. With a luminous flux of 56.500 lumen the bulb guarantees enough lighting.

Technical Details
- Energy efficiency class: A+
- Output: 400 watt
- Color temperature: 2000 Kelvin
- Light efficiency: 138 lm/ watt
- Luminous flux: 56.500 lumen
- Socket: E40

Attention: The bulb works only in combination with an appropriate ballast (HPS) and an E-40 socket.