Buzzy Seeds Paprika Yolo Wonder

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Buzzy Paprika Yolo Wondera

The pepper is the fruit of some cultivated forms of Capsicum annuum. Other cultivated forms of the same species have very different looking fruit known as red pepper or chili. The species is native to South America, but the peppers came to us via Hungary. The species was, like red pepper, introduced by the Turks in Hungary: Hungary has for years been part of the Great Ottoman Empire. In Hungary cultured further to many more races. The name comes from the Hungarian paprika, which means the pepper. Red peppers are green immature state and are often eaten in that state. There are now other color variants such as yellow, white, purple and orange. In total there are nine colors, but there are only four colors widely cultivated (red, yellow, green, and orange).
Paprika there when ripe different color variations. Immature they are almost green. All Well known is the so-called traffic light, which consists of a packed together of red, yellow and green (unripe) sweet, blocked, thick-walled paprika. Most peppers grown in the Netherlands of the blocked type (California miracle type). The white, orange and almost black peppers are more elongated in shape and have a thinner pericarp. They are sweet pointed peppers called and are available. Increasingly in supermarkets A third type of pepper is the type Lamouyo. These are very large and coarse peppers, which are mainly grown. In Southern Europe
As she grows, the green pepper during ripening, the color changes to red or yellow. The flavor of the paprika also changes during this period, the red and yellow are sweet while green has a much more bitter taste.
The pepper is related to the sharp red peppers and includes something capsaicin, which directly stimulates the heat senses in the mouth (not the taste so) and therefore gives the idea that the court is too hot so the taste is often as 'hot' is described. Peppers come in many varieties. However, the peppers in Dutch supermarkets are almost capsaïcinevrij and barely hot. Paprika is rich in vitamin C. Research has shown that red peppers of all peppers contain the most vitamin C.
A popular variety in Spain is the pimiento de Padrón, which is grown around the village Padrón on the coast of Galicia. This is baked and eaten as a tapa. They can be fairly pedis.
Paprika Yolo Wonder is a green pepper that turns red if it lingers. Hose to the plant But they can be harvested at green stage. The fruits are fairly square. This breed is not only for growing under glass, also suitable for growing in the garden. Sowing: sowing indoors in pots or in chrome heated hobby greenhouse. The ideal cultivation temperature is 20? C. The best sowing period is February-March. Once the first leaves appear, each plant into its own pot. In early May planting in open ground or in the greenhouse, at distances of 80 x 40 cm. Put a support pole at each plant. The main stem buds. Keep 3 or 4 side shoots. Systematically remove the rest. Always keep the soil moist. Harvest: from late July to October.