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Buzzy Red Cabbage Langedijk 2

Red cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. Rubra) is one of the main crops and cabbage is grown mainly for the fresh market. It is one of the oldest types of cabbage. The cultivation takes place traditionally in North Holland, because there is no damage occurs by clubroot. This is also reflected in the variety names, as in Langedijker earliest, Langer Dijkerstraat Fall and Langedijk. This is 60% of the acreage of Red cabbage.
There will also be growing place in Zuid-Holland, Limburg and North Brabant, but a crop rotation should be applied. Red cabbage is basically a two-year crop, which in the first year the carbon is formed and in the second year, the plant will flower. On a cold spring the plant at the earliest cultivation, however, can already go through shooting and prosper. Between the races, differences in color. The old Dutch breed Negerkop has the darkest color. The variety name must be no longer used because it would be discriminatory. At the request of England, the English variety name was Nigger Head, is therefore at the time decided to change throated. Named by the European Commission
The fastest-growing varieties, called grage have softer sheet, but to keep bad. The storage varieties, called slow, have hard blade and keep it. Be good Red cabbage is a tough vegetable. It can be eaten raw as it is finely grated, but only in small quantities. The cabbage marinated in yoghurt for example then it becomes softer and the salad as easier to digest.
Cooked red cabbage belongs to the traditional winter vegetables. Usually, red cabbage is eaten chopped or grated. The cooking time is over at least 20 minutes in plenty of water.
To make the coal is added a little softer. Sometimes a small amount of vinegar The flavor can be modified by the addition of cloves, bay leaf, cinnamon and / or sugar, red wine but cut above diced apple. Also raisins complement. Sometimes the carbon is bonded with cornstarch or flour. In traditional Dutch cuisine cabbage goes well with red meat or game.
Red Cabbage Langedijk is a known rodekoolras for winter cultivation. The breed is also called "Red Store" called. The plants form a relatively long stump. The shelf life of the coal is excellent. Sowing: in the period February-April under glass. Sow not too close, so the plants can develop properly. Plant out in the open in May. Spacing 70 x 60 cm. Protect the plants after the bedding out against cabbage root fly, eg. By applying a carbon collar. Red cabbage loves a solid fertilizer. Harvest: in the period October-November. Tip: Especially on light soils can quickly 'clubroot' performance, therefore teel cabbages never too often in succession in the same place.