Buzzy Seeds Kale Westland Autumn

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Buzzy Kale Westland Autumn

Kale (Brassica oleracea var. Laciniata) is an easy crop that can be grown on all soil types and a typical winter vegetable. There is a fall and winter crop. primordial cabbage or kale stew is a stew dish made of kale. The recipe is so typically Dutch, which is claimed to be the national dish. The kale is best if there is an over night frost has passed. The cabbage is often harvested after the first frosts, even until the day it is eaten.
Kale is traditionally eaten with a dimple gravy, sausage (farmer sausage or smoked sausage), mustard and fried bacon. 'Acid' additions like onions, pickles or vinegar are also used nowadays.
Kale stew is mentioned in Groningen mous, in Twente and the Achterhoek moos.
  Westland Autumn is a particularly medium boerenkoolras which can already be harvested in October, but that is highly successful as a winter terrace. The plants are very hardy. The leaves are beautifully curled and the taste is excellent. Sowing: from mid-May to July, right in the open. Mid-June planting in the period up to early August. Keep as spacing 75 x 50 cm. with. Too close plants often causes yellowing of the leaf. Because kale growing firm, is the susceptibility to clubroot less than other types of cabbage. Because usually planted in a place where previously an early vegetable has been, is extra fertilizer is often unnecessary. During cultivation, the soil moist. Harvest: from October to January; among picking off prolongs the harvest period.