Buzzy Seeds Green Broccoli Calabria

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Buzzy Green Broccoli Calabria

Broccoli is a vegetable that is related to cauliflower. When broccoli still closed flower buds are eaten. When cauliflower constructing systems of the flower buds (bloemknopprimordia). Vegetables of the broccoli contains most of the glucosinolates. Broccoli is usually eaten cooked. Research has shown that Alzheimer Broccoli could counteract (could have as anti-Alzheimer's medications the same effect).
Green Broccoli Calabrese is a well known and highly appreciated broccoli breed that has proven its worth all along. The flavor is excellent and the 'coals' are beautifully colored. Sowing: from mid-March to early July in a seedbed in open ground. On the final growing spot planting when plants about 5 weeks old (ie from April to August). Spacing 50 x 40 cm. Put the plants, preferably in a place where cabbage plants were not before. Make sure that the growth is not inhibited. Always keep the soil moist. Do not give fresh manure. Preferably not pour on the blade. Harvest: June to October. Flower screens cut when the buds are still closed. Let the plants stand, because the leaf axils grow ever new flower heads that can be harvested.