Buzzy Seeds Cauliflower Alpha

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Buzzy Cauliflower Alpha

Cauliflower is a vegetable that belongs to the genus Kool from the cabbage family (Brassicaceae). The scientific name for cauliflower Brassica oleracea convar. botrytis var. botrytis. The heads composed of still undifferentiated flower buds in contrast to broccoli.
The cultivation in the Netherlands takes place across the country, with the main center Zone and the other centers in the area of Barendrecht, South Holland islands and Venlo. Winter Cauliflower is almost exclusively in Zeeland, South Holland islands and grown in the region, as elsewhere, is the chance of freezing out. The region is riskier than the islands.
Cauliflower requires considerable fertilization, because otherwise the chance of premature carbon formation, the so-called borers, exists.
As soon as the coal can be seen, it must be covered with sheet, because the carbon is not otherwise retains a pleasant white but discolored to brown-yellow.
Cauliflower is Alpha and cauliflower for summer cultivation. This variety produces big, solid, white cauliflower. The plants are good self-covering, d. w. z. sheet that develops sufficient to coat the carbon. 'Alpha' is resistant to high summer temperatures. Sowing: from late March to mid-May (under glass or in the open). When the plants are large enough (May-June), this plant out in the open. Spacing 70 x 60 cm. Do not wait too long to replant. If too large young plants are transplanted creates the danger of "drillers": there are then asked little blom coals formed. This can also happen if the plants can not grow well. So always keep the soil moist. Do not pour on the blade. If the carbon forming, they hedge with leaves (from the sun). Harvest: from early July to September. "