Buzzy Seeds Chicory Mechelse Early

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Buzzy Chicory Mechelse Early

Chicory (Netherlands) or chicory (Flanders), (Cichorium intybus var. Foliosum) is a leaf vegetable that is grown in the dark. In the light crop formation by chlorophyll, which is green. The cut (demolished) crop can be eaten raw or cooked. Chicory is also called chicory. Previously chicory was sometimes very bitter found. Some people, especially children, do not like the bitter taste of chicory. There are now (2005) chicory varieties that are not or hardly be bitter. Other people love just mind the bitter taste of chicory. In raw chicory is not the bitter taste forward.
Chicory can be eaten raw as a salad with apple pieces and other raw vegetables and fruits. Other methods of preparation are boiled, baked or au gratin with ham for example, and / or cheese or with Hollandaise sauce as "chicory à la crème". By cooking with a little milk in addition to water, the bitter taste of chicory softened.