Buzzy Seeds Artichoke Violet de Provence

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Buzzy Artichoke Violet de Provence

An artichoke (Cynara scolymus) is a thistle flowers in heads and jagged omwindselbladeren. It exhibits the peculiar phenomenon of irritable stamens: in contact with for example a bee tongue or -poot pull the filaments together and there will be a pinch of white pollen released from the anthers.
The fleshy bracts of the closed flower buds are eaten as a vegetable. For this crop are thornless plants are used, which are vegetatively propagated. In the Netherlands, the harvest of the still closed flower buds in the months of August and September. Falls After the harvest, the flower stalk cut from the plant. The plants should be kept by covering with straw and plastic. Them frost free during the winter
Artichoke Violet de Provence is an excellent artisjokras. Artichokes are perennials whose delightful, fleshy bracts of the flower buds are eaten. The flower buds are also a nice decoration in dried flower arrangements. Sowing: in March-April under glass or in May in and seedbed. The plants are very sensitive to the cold, therefore deserves the cultivation under glass is preferred. After emergence, each plant potting separately in a large pot. Abnormal plants put away. Let the plants harden off in April (getting used to the outside air) and plant them out in May. Planting distance: 100 x 75 cm.Oogst: in August / September, the formed, still closed flower buds harvested regularly. Hibernation: in late autumn the faded flower stems cut away, the lower leaf leave and bind together and the whole covered with straw and plastic to overwinter. "