Buzzy Seeds Endive Number Five

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Buzzy Endive Number Five

Endive (Cichorium endivia) is an annual crop, closely related to chicory and almost the entire year available. In winter and in early spring, the endive in greenhouses, these endive is much softer than the cold ground and has a shorter cooking time.
Endive is a leafy vegetable that can be eaten. Cooked or raw Separately or as a stew. The yellow heart is delicious in a salad.
In the Netherlands, about 700 hectares of cultivated endive. Endive is of Dutch origin mainly to get into the period mid-June to mid-November. Because of the sensitivity by shooting the plants should be grown. Warm for early cultivation If endive after the longest day (21 June) is sown shoot it in the same year no longer.
Especially the outer green leaves of endive is rich in vitamins A and C, and minerals.
Endive Number Five (Cichorum endivia) is a leafy vegetable that is suitable for spring and summer crop. If you sow endive at low temperature (less than 15 ° C), there is a good chance that the crop is not sufficient and will grow by shooting quickly (the crop shoot in other words easily, which flower formation heralds). Even long hours (more than 15 hours of light) can make the plant bloom.
Endive can be grown. Different soil types The crop needs to grow properly. Much moisture
Use: Endive is a leafy vegetable, both steamed and eaten raw.
Because the green outer leaves somewhat bitter taste and tough, the light yellow, light within leaves are generally preferred. However, the outer leaves contain the most nutrients (eg fiber, minerals and vitamins). Very famous is the endive stew. Sliced ??endive is also very suitable for stir frying.
Sow: Early sowing (from March to mid-May) only works well under glass at a soil temperature above 15 ° C. Only at the end of May to July you can sow in the ground in a seedbed. Transplant the young plants about 4 weeks after sowing in the open ground. This also applies to plants from early sowing, only they must be planted under glass. Spacing 30 x 30 cm. Keep the soil moist after planting. Harvest: mid-May to October when the heads are big enough.