Buzzy Seeds Strawberry Sarian F1

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Buzzy Strawberry Sarian F1

Strawberry (Fragaria) is a genus of flowering plants in the rose family (Rosaceae), known primarily for its edible fruit. Botanically speaking, the strawberry is a false fruit. There are more than twenty species and cultivated strawberry, there are many hundreds of varieties. Fresh strawberries are very healthy because of their high vitamin C content (60 mg per 100 g.). In babies and very young children eating fresh strawberries may be an allergic reaction calls. So start with small pieces of strawberry, so the body can get used to it.
Strawberries are widely used for making jam. Usually, quick-frozen here for pulp used. In addition, the strawberry used by its strong aroma and flavor enhancer in include yogurt.


March and April sow it indoors in a heated hobbykas or in a propagator. Once transplanting and when the plants after 4 cm. are large, in open ground plant out 2 pieces of 55 x 30 cm. Harvesting from June in the subsequent

following years.