Buzzy Seeds Rosemary

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Buzzy Rosemary

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is a perennial, actually even a shrub. The plant comes from the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, but also thrives in temperate climates. The stems and leaves are (fresh and dried) used in meat and fish dishes, especially the combination with lamb very well known. It is also used for beans, broths, soups and stews. Rosemary should be used sparingly, because the taste is quite prevalent. Crushed rosemary is a delicious seasoning when barbecuing. Of flowering tops tea can also be made??. The tea gives a calming effect and helps combat fatigue.

The leaves enjonge shoots allow themselves to dry well and should be preserved. In a sealable jar


Rosemary is sensitive to frost and must therefore be protected in time. Calcareous soil and a sunny, sheltered site give the best results. On chalk rosemary remains slightly smaller but gives more odor. It is a slow growing evergreen. Old plants should not be pruned too strong. The best sowing time is In March - April at a propagator under glass or late April-June in a seedbed outdoors. The germination may be irregular. Cover the seed tray with cling film and place it in a bright, warm place. If there are green shoots begin to appear after 5-6 weeks, the film must be removed. One time out and then transplant outdoors or in a large pot. Planting in the garden is 30 x 30 cm. protect winter against frost or (as a houseplant) indoors to overwinter.