Buzzy Seeds Real Winter Tyme

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Buzzy Real Winter Thyme (Thymus vulgaris)

Thyme (Thymus vularis), the seasoning in the kitchen and has a strong medicinal effect. Besides the original thyme we know Lemon Thyme. The origin of thyme is in the countries around the Mediterranean Sea. The ancient civilizations made ??frequent use of this popular herb. Thyme comes from the Greek thymos that means strength. The Greeks used it to refine their food and as incense in their temples. The Romans knew this plant to appreciate in their kitchen, but also in the local pharmacy. Thyme was the symbol of courage and bravery. The kitchen is an ideal combination with thyme bay leaf and parsley. Stews, venison dishes, pastas, vegetarian dishes, spaghetti sauce, thyme part of it. The herb can cook it in moderation. Also in marinades, cooking with wine and the canning of olives, thyme is used.

The antiseptic and anti-bacterial effect is thyme essential in homeopathy. The herb helps with digestive problems, lack aaneetlust, insomnia, depression, or migraine. Problems with respiratory, flu, bronchitis and persistent cough, can be illuminated with syrup made from thyme.



Thyme blooms from May to October and is a popular plant for bees. Thyme requires a sunny, dry place, preferably with a calcareous soil. It is best thyme every two or three years to transplant, if it keeps its strong aroma. The kitchen herb can be seeding fine, but it takes a few years before a mature shrub comes.