Buzzy Seeds Marjoram

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Buzzy Marjoram

Marjoram (Origanum majorana) Oregano and marjoram are from the Mediterranean area. These are ancient herbal plants that were known to the Greeks and Romijnen. Marjoram is often confused with Wild marjoram or oregano (Origanum vulgare). Wild Marjoram has a more overtly taste even nijgt something to spicy. Commercially it solves this by selling mostly Provencal herbs is mentioned. Both herbs in a mixture Usually there is also thyme. Marjoram has a spicy aroma and a mild flavor, which fits in many dishes such as chicken, fish or a slaatje.Marjolein is not recommended during pregnancy.


Marjoram and Marjoram / ??Oregano plants are sensitive to cold and very sensitive to frost. The plants are, therefore, described as an annual plant. Not too early sowing so. The herbs grow best in a light soil, rich in humus and nutrients. Fresh manure is not recommended. This affects the aroma of the plant. The plant contains essential oil. The content is in the early morning hours or late afternoon highest. The herb can be harvested. Twice a year The first time shortly before or during flowering and the second time in september. The plants are usually 50 to 75 cm high.