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Buzzy Coriander

Coriander is one of the oldest herbs used by man. In Egyptian pyramids we find traces of the herb. The Romans in turn, used coriander mixed in vinegar to iron which decay occurred their meat. Indeed, studies show that the plant operates fungicidal and bactericidal. The plant is from the Middle East by the Romans brought to our region.

Coriander is family of umbelliferous and it is about 60 cm high. It is an annual herb with white to pink flower heads, the latter giving the seed. The magazine reminds small celery leaves. The seeds are about the size of peppercorns wherever they resemble. The seeds are also used in the kitchen. These give a pleasant aromatic flavor to dishes. The leaf is used in stews, chicken dishes, salads and sauces. Especially in the Eastern and South American cuisine, it has been taking advantage of. One should always be used fresh leaf because once dried, it loses its flavor. Freezing can, but at the expense of the beautiful green color. The seeds have a slightly spicy, anise-like flavor. Also, ground coriander is an important ingredient of the mixture curie 'garam masala' that we find in Indian cuisine. The healing properties of coriander stimulates the appetite and is in many ways useful for our digestion. It prevents bloating and reduces burning of the stomach. It also has diuretic. For colds, flu, or eenperiode stress coriander can enlightening. The crushed seeds werkenals compress well to painful joints and are also a tool for hemorrhoids.


Cilantro prefers a sunny spot and grows best in slightly calcareous, humus-rich, well permeable soil with organic fertilizer. The plant grows best in open ground, which is especially necessary when the herb is being soaked for harvesting the seeds. In pots we grow the plant just before the leaves. From mid-April, one can cilantro in the house or in the greenhouse sowing. It takes 14 days for the seed germinates. The plant can be planted in the ground in May at a distance of 30 cm.

One can also spot sow in open ground, or on a sunny sheltered spot. The driving distance is 30 cm, but can be thinned to 20 to 25 cm. Until germination, the soil should be moist by means of perforated foil. The seeds are harvested when they turn light brown. Store is best in a glass jar with lid.

In autumn, some plants from the garden in a pot put the blade cut and grow indoors. Again Thus, in the winter months, fresh and healthy chives available.